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Program Overview


The Summit is a one-year intensive discipleship program for women who are struggling in addiction. The year is structured in three phases, with each phase being four months in length. Monday through Friday our ladies spend 3 hours in biblical studies.

Group Studies

Monday through Thursday the ladies have group studies which meets for one hour. We feel that group studies are an important part for our residents because this gives them the opportunity to learn through God’s word as a group and be able to discuss what they learn and how to practically apply it to their daily life.


The following are a few of the biblical studies that we do during the year:


ACE Overcomers Program – Overcoming A Difficult Childhood

Anger Management

Parenting – House or Home

How People Change

Attitudes of A Transformed Heart

Get Out of Your Head

Armor of God

Personal Studies Class

Monday through Friday the ladies have personal studies for two hours. We have a classroom where each lady has her on personal study space. We create a Personal Studies contract where we assign, various bible studies, character qualities, scripture memorization for each lady to complete during each phase. We feel that this process is vital for each lady to cultivate her personal relationship with God and learn His Word and how to live it out in their daily lives.


The following are a few of the biblical studies that we will do during the year:


Strong Foundations Discipleship Study

The Walk of Repentance

A Lamp Unto My Feet

Heart of Addiction

Fundamentals of the Faith

RW 360 - Relational Wisdom

Gospel Treason

Crown Financial


Home Management Skills


At the Summit we feel it is also important to teach our residents how to manage a home, and we have the perfect campus for them to learn those skills. Each lady is assigned different chores each month and is required to do those chores on a daily and weekly basis.


They learn how to keep a clean and clutter free environment at all times, manage laundry for the group as a whole and also to keep their personal laundry clean and put away. Each resident will serve in the kitchen where they will plan the menu each week, cook for the group three meals a day and keep the kitchen clean and in order.  


With a large campus there is plenty of yard work and each resident works in the yard and leans how to use a lawn mower, weed eater and leaf blower.  

Individualized Counseling

We offer individual counseling services which provide biblical instruction and assistance as the residents progress through the program.


Counselors will assist in the identification of destructive thinking patterns and emotional wounds that have contributed to the resident’s addiction while applying Biblical solutions.


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